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How to get Admission into Top Best Universities or Colleges

Before I start writing a list of top universities in the United States. I want to write about the best strategies to get admission in any college or university.

10 Top Best Universities in United States where you can get admission as International Students

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If you are sincere with your study and want to get admission in top college or university then you must apply these strategies to gain admission to academia at a top college or university and fulfill your educational dreams.

 You will need educational support materials and opportunities.

  • A 3.75-grade point average or higher SAT or a CT
  • High SAT and ACT scores
  • A compelling application Essay
  • Outstanding recommendation


  • Summer programs
  • Clubs and extracurricular activities

Here are 7 best steps or strategies, go ahead, and read all of these.  

 Strategy No.1

Before you start looking at colleges and university get excited about more learning if you don't like school it'll be harder to come through.

 Strategy No. 2

Apply for admission as early as you can to emphasize your commitment to the school.

Strategy No. 3

 You should get high percentage in the tough classes, beginning with your freshman- year the best schools require a 3.75 or highest grade point normally. Become an all-rounded personality by taking leadership roles in school and others social forums, joining clubs, and participating in a variety of extracurricular activities. It will all boost your personality.

Strategy No. 4

Prepare for ACT or SAT test-taking advantage of tutor’s preparation courses and more practice tests and guides, consider taking the test the third or fourth time or more to achieve your best possible scores.

Strategy No. 5

Focus as much as possible on education during your school years to develop a foundation of strong organizational, study and reading skills.

Strategy No. 6

Write an average good essay with a strong opener to demonstrate positive personal qualities and to establish a distinctive identity with admission committee.

 Strategy No. 7

Follow application submissions process with great recommendations from two teachers and one guidance counselor with these strategies and claims your hopes for entry to a top college or university.

The List of  10 Top Best Universities in United States, You must read full article to get best idea ever

Are you looking to study in the United States but don't know which universities to look at? Would you rather that we save you the time and tell you which ones are the best?

Here are we prepared a list of the most recommended universities for all international students. Flying over to America to study in its reputable higher education institutions means that you're likely to come out with a head full of priceless knowledge and a degree that will let employers know that you are equipped with a valuable background.

 We looked at the report as what expert analysis said about which universities are best for international students in world. Have look on these top colleges and universities of the world.

10 Top Best Universities in United States where you can get admission as International Students

1- Stanford University

 Stanford University is a best research university situated in Stanford, California. Ranked as one of the world's top universities, it has an endowment of over 27 billion US dollars.

International students can apply as it stated on Stanford use the official website: ” Members from our trained staff prepared in looking at instructive frameworks from all nations of the world and will consider your application inside the assets accessible for you. We observe the educational procedures with your school and region as well as cultural and regional differences. Despite citizenship, candidates are checked on out of sight and nation where they went to last school.”

 They also state that: “The application procedure of this university is the equivalent for all over applicants paying little heed to the citizenship of country or location all applicants must submit either the familiar application or the coalition online application.”

For more information click here

  2- Harvard University

 HarvardUniversity is famous for a reason. With an endowment of over 40 billion US dollars, Harvard is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It boasts over 2,400 academic staff and over 20,000 students.

According to their website, there are no limits or quotas of any kind at any stage in the admissions process. Whole students are considered in the same basin for all places in the upcoming class, regardless of country or the secondary school they attended. A student's chances for selection and financial support are not affected by country or the region of the school that a student attends.

 In terms of financial support: “Certifications conclusions are made whether or not an up-and-comer has applied for monetary guide even if the applicant is a non-US citizen.”

 Famous alumni include 44th President of the United States Barack Obama and Facebook founder Mark Zucker berg, even though he didn't graduate but he went there.

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3- California Institute of Technology or Caltech

California Institute of Technology also known as Caltech, is a private doctorate-granting research university in Pasadena, California.

California Institute of Technology known for its stability and natural science and engineering, it's among the most top 10 universities in the world, with a little over 2200 students and 300 academic staff. Caltech has an almost three billion dollar endowment.

This is what their website has to say about international student admission.

 “You should concede as an international student on the off chance that you are not a US local resident or changeless inhabitant at the hour of applying to Caltech. International residents more likely than not finished Caltech required academic arrangement during their optional school vocation we take applications from students who have finished the endorsed curriculum given by their nations of origin.”

 Famous alumni include 38 Nobel laureates as of October 2019.

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4- Babson College

 Batson College is a private school situated in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Its focus is on entrepreneurship education and its student body numbers at over three thousand students, with 3006 staff employed, as for the application process for international undergraduate students, it states on their official website.

“All the international students keen on applying to Babson experience a same application process as domestic students with the extra prerequisite of the TOEFL or IELTS test for candidates whose local language is other than English”

You have expected to passed through an official language assessment like TOEFL or IELTS with high rate required getting in. They also have programs for both graduate and exchange students’.

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5- Amherst College

 Amherst College is a private liberal arts college in Amherst, Massachusetts. With a 10.18 acceptance rate and versus ranked as the best liberal arts college in 2019 by the Wall Street Journal.

Mays international students are accepted according to the following information from their website.

“Regard your nation or geographic district, you ought to follow the comparable first year or move application system that different students follow. The main extra application prerequisite for international competitor candidates both first-year and transfer is a demonstration proficiency of English".

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6- Columbia university

Columbia University is a best private Ivy League research University in New York City with an endowment of over 10 billion US dollars, Columbia is huge: it has over 33,000 students and almost 4,000 academic staff.

 International students have to qualify for something called a certificate of eligibility.

To qualify for a certificate of eligibility, you have to, as their website puts it:

  • Be admitted to a full-time program of study ( maintain a full-time enrollment every term)
  • Document the financial resources to cover fees, teaching, living and training expenses of the first academic year.

California Institute of Technology has many famous alumni include more than sixty living billionaires.

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7- The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also known as MIT, is a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. With little over 1,000 academic staff and over 11,000 students and an endowment of over 17 billion US dollars.

MIT is noted for being a source in some of the world's greatest modern innovations in science and engineering.

This is what the MIT website has to say about international applicants: “for the TOEFL internet-based test (iBT) the minimum composite score is a 90 and all students need to demonstrate minimum competence in the fields they will continue to study at MIT.

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8- Yale University 

 Yale University is a private Ivy League Research University in New Haven, Connecticut. With an endowment of thirty billion US dollars, four thousand four hundred plus academic staff over 13,000 students. Yale is one of the world's greatest educational establishments.

 here's what their website has to say about International Admissions: “ applications from students schooled abroad are evaluated in the same contextual and whole-person admissions process at domestic applicants students applying from outside the US follow essentially the same procedure and use the same application forms as students applying from USA high schools”.

 Famous alumni include Presidents Bill Clinton and George W.Bush

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9- Princeton University

 Princeton University is a private Ivy League research university in Princeton, New Jersey.

Princeton's got over 1,000 academic staff, over 8,000 students, and endowment of 25 billion US dollars. On applying as the international student Princeton's website states: “the graded written paper must be submitted in English and can come from O or A level coursework. The great written paper and teacher comments should not be translated from another language into English they must be written in English”.

 Keep that in mind this of course means Princeton requires you to write a graded written paper and if English is not your mother tongue and you are attending a school where English is not the language of instruction you have needed to must take the TOEFL or IELTS.

 Notable alumni include 68 Nobel laureates.

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10- Cooper Union for the Advancement of science and art

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of science and art or a Cooper Union for short is a private college in Manhattan, New York City.  

Ranked as the No.1 most desirable Best school by Newsweek.

Cooper Union has 57 academic staff members and a little over 900 students.

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 That’s our list of 10 Top Best Universities in United States where you can get admission as international students if you enjoyed the article then subscribe to our website leave and comment below.

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