Best tips for your weight loss or burn belly fat in very easy and simple way

Are you looking best tips for your weight loss or burn belly fat in very easy and simple way.

You are at right place. I don't ask you to do too much hard things to loss weight or burn belly fat but just very simple way you can achieve your goal. For that just have to read full article. I assure you will be get benefits after reading this article.

best tips for your weight loss or burn belly fat in very easy and simple way
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So lets start !

As soon as you wake up, the first thing you need to have is a glass of water and 4-5 almonds soaked overnight.Water will kick start your metabolism and all those essential nutrients from almonds will be easily absorbed by your body.

I understand that you have very less time for breakfast.

You have to rush to go for work.

So, here are two quick breakfast options.

1-    If you don't even have time for breakfast, then just cook regular oats in milk and add Banana or some Local Seasonal Fruit to make it more filling as well as tasty.

If you don't even have time for that, then just take two eggs, boil them, crack them open and enjoy your egg, along with the yolk.

Around 11 AM, you start to feel hungry again.So, stack your storage unit with some peanuts, dry fruits, green tea sachets.You can even have your regular tea at this time. I recommend you at that take a cup of green tea.

     For lunch, you want to make it a whole meal. So, start with a salad. Freshly cut cucumber, beetroot, carrot then move on to your regular Curry with Rice/Bread.

      For Curry, you can have Chicken, Mix Vegetables, and  include a bowl of curd.

        Pay Attention to what you are eating and Eat it Slow.

      Don't eat fast its will cause of weight gain. Because you don't focus to realise when it is enough. Mostly people feel sleepy after lunch, and I too usually feel sleepy. But if you feel sleepy do not drink that time cup of tea or coffee to try and stay awake. because it will just add to your empty calories. Instead, take a nap for 8-10 minutes and when you wake up, you will feel refreshed and you will be more productive at work. 

best tips for your weight loss or burn belly fat in very easy and simple way
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Now 4 PM is a very dangerous time. 

       You are usually very stressed.You might've had a bad appraisal or Your boss gave you work at the last minute. when you wanted to leave early or some bug needs fixing immediately.

       Whatever it is, stress combined with hunger is a battle that you cannot win. And that is when you turn to comfort food and that is what leads to Weight Gain!! So the best way to avoid it, is to keep munching on a Healthy Snack around 4 PM. 

      Some of your best options are, Peanut butter on a slice of Brown Bread. 

      You can make your own Peanut Butter at home during weekends.Or fresh Fruit Bowl. Or just get up from your desk, go for a walk and grab some coconut water from a local vendor. Not only will it be filling, but you will also get a break from your office chaos. 

       If you want to Lose Weight Faster and Strengthen your Bones, develop a Healthy Heart and not suffer from Injuries early in your life then you need to Exercise.

      I will recommend you to join a Gym or pick up a Sport. I think and know you will not. 

      So let's slowly ease into some sort of a Physical Activity and once you start noticing the difference in your body, you will automatically increase the intensity.

        So, from today.

1- Go for a 10 Min Walk around your Office Building after lunch.

2- Always take the Stairs instead of the Elevator.

In starting it's often feel too difficult. So, let's start small.

For dinner, you can have the same things that you had for your lunch.

Just make sure you have an early dinner around 7-8 PM.

Home Cooked Chicken and Fish are also great options!

I know that cooking everyday as a chore is a hassle, especially if you are working. But Home Cooked Food is the best solution to Health and Weight Loss.

If you do not like cooking, then invest your time in finding a cook because that way you will at least be sure that the ingredients and the food that you are eating are fresh and not some stale food that has been re-heated and served to you, which happens even in Expensive Hotels all around the world.

Finally before go to bed, have a glass of warm milk..Milk is not only healthy, but it will keep you feeling full until morning and all those Midnight Cravings will be under control.

Make sure that you sleep for 7-8 hours everyday because lack of sleep also leads to Weight Gain. If you have any specific medical conditions like Diabetes,  then make sure you consult your Doctor about your Diet.

But either way, do not fall for shortcuts that promise rapid weight loss. I guarantee you, they will do more harm than good.

The right way, will take time, it will take effort.

I hope you have enjoyed reading best tips for your weight loss or burn belly fat in very easy and simple way.


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