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Happy Independence Day USA 2022 history of USA independence, Quotes, Saying, Short Message download free images for Facebook, twitter and Instagram posts

Read about history of USA Independence

First of all before we get started we need to define independence. The definition of independent is freedom from outside control it's not depending on others authority over you it's staking your claim and deciding.

Independence Day also known as July 4th is considered to be the  birthday of the United States of America but what exactly happened to bring America as we know it.

 In 1776 the Continental Congress who was a group of delegates brought together to govern the 13 American colonies during the American Revolutionary War signed a document if you're an American you're going to be pretty familiar with this called the Declaration of Independence this document created a legal separation from and announced that the 13 American colonies would no longer be under British rule but let's go back even further and see how the Declaration of Independence became something that was needed in the first place to figure out why exactly the 13 American colonies even wanted to be independent.

Now we know what it means to be independent let's break down what happened on America's journey to becoming independence. The 13 colonies were originally British colonies and because of the lack of representation in Parliament local laws and the unwillingness of the Americans to pay taxes along with other issues the Americans started protesting. Protests led the boycotts and boycotts led to Americans destroying a shipment of tea which was a big event known as the Boston Tea Party which in turn caused the British government to completely shut down the port of Boston.

The Americans who were not pleased at all with this power move set up a shadow government and took control of a province outside of Boston which helped fuel their resistance.  Things are starting to get even more heated up now the 12 other colonies supported this move and took the necessary steps to form the Continental Congress which I mentioned earlier so they could organize their resistance efforts. Things started getting out of hand. when the British government attempted to seize American arms not those kind of arms these kind of arms this move set ablaze a full-blown war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the 13 American colonies.

Once the war was in full swing a gentleman by the name of John Adams who was a lawyer author statesman and eventually ended up being the second President of the United States persuaded Congress to have the first draft of the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson who later became the third president of the United States. This draft later finalized by Congress was meant to explain why Congress voted on July 2nd to declare the independence from Great Britain this was such a big deal, at the time that John Adams wrote a letter to his wife saying the second day of July 1776 will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America.

 He was a couple days off from what we see as the big day because the vote took place on the second which still made it a huge day but the document didn't actually get signed until the fourth but whatever I mean the idea was still there that this was a huge historical event taking place this document not only marked the independence of America but it also stands as a statement for human rights or the independence of other human beings because of the second sentence that reads we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that is the foundation of how America came in to being.

(Happy Independence Day USA 2020 history of USA independence, Quotes, Saying, Short Message download free images for Facebook, twitter and Instagram posts)

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Happy Independence Day


Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

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