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Robin Hood Story (One of The Best & True Story of the world) Updated (2022)

The True Story of Robin Hood  

It's the story from a, quite a while back in Nottingham, England. When King Richard ruled the nation. His more youthful sibling Prince John was a wicked Prince, who dealt with the State while the King was away for wars. Prince John was heartless to common people of Nottingham and had no thought for the poor. Under his charge, the rich got richer while the poor got poorer.

The poor had no guardian angel to save them other than Robin Hood or the Hooded thief as he was appropriately known. Robin Hood had a believed buddy called Little John. Robin Hood would loot the rich merchants and the Prince's caravans that conveyed the tremendous taxes gathered from the poor as they crossed the Sherwood Forest which was the home of Robin Hood while in transit to the Prince's treasury. What's more, he would disperse the plunder among the poor. His liberality earned him the name 'Prince of Thieves' among the common people. And furthermore numerous prizes that were reported by the Sheriff for his catch. Be that as it may, this didn't prevent Robin from carrying out his beneficial things.

At some point, when Robin Hood and his companions had looted the Prince's band again the Prince called the Sheriff of Nottingham to the palace. This is the last time Robin Hood has embarrassed my men and me Sheriff! What's happening with your soldiers? For what reason haven't they gotten that thief up 'til now? We are doing everything, Your Highness. I guarantee you, we will have him soon. You should! Else, another person will be rebuffed. The Sheriff made another arrangement with his men. He chose to report an archery competition to be held in Nottingham. What's more, the victor would be reported as the best Archer in Nottingham and furthermore win a kiss from the Maiden Marian. 

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One day Robin Hood's companion Tuck stayed with him. Have you known about the archery competition that the Sheriff has declared for tomorrow? Truly, we have Friar. What's more, the men and I figure Robin shouldn't go to it. It is a snare laid by the Sheriff. All of England realizes that Robin Hood is the best bowman by a long shot Robin doesn't have to proceed to demonstrate anything there. Don’t worry Little John. Calm down. We will proceed to have more of fun tomorrow And to guarantee that nobody remembers us, we'll wear mask all over on our face.

Thus the following day Robin Hood and his companions wore masks and went to the competition Just as Robin Hood had anticipated nobody had the option to remember him. Before long it was Robin Hood's chance to shoot the arrows. He went after the board and hit pinpoint center! The group cheered for this obscure bowman. At that point he made another arrow and effort it again this one also hit dead center! The group cheered stronger. The cheering got the Sheriff's attention. Furthermore, he went to perceive what the issue was. At this point Robin had drawn his third arrow and made an effort. It also hit the Bull's eye. At the point when the forward arrow likewise did likewise the Sheriff acknowledged something. That is no more bizarre! That is Robin Hood nobody can shoot four arrows straight like that! Snatch him, men! The entire group broke into a craze as the Sheriff's men captured Robin Hood. Off with his head! Be that as it may, Little John moved like a helping streak and grabbed the Prince and put a knife to his throat. Discharge him right away. The Sheriff's men had no way out but to relinquish Robin Hood.

The Prince of Thieves and his companion shollered and advanced out of the archery field however not before Robin Hoodclimbed the audience tower and took a kiss from the Maiden Marian.

Back at the Sherwood Forrest Robin Hood and his companions got together and celebrated. You were correct, Robin Hood today was a great deal of fun. The Sheriff had this coming. I am certain you shocked Maiden Marian, as well! Indeed, not as astonished as the Prince will be the point at which he discovers that we took packs of gold from his treasury during the Sheriff's archery competition!


Everyone laughed healthily! Amazing.


This is such an inspirational story about being benevolent and helping the vulnerable.

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