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Skin Care Natural Retinol Cream for both Men and Women - Naturals Retinol Cream for Face on Amazon

Lily Ana's Naturals Retinol Cream

One of the best Skin Care products in the World is Lily Ana's Naturals Retinol Cream. This is super great because it has 2.5% of retinol in it. Which is, almost prescription strength, but you can get it on Amazon, which is awesome and super convenient. Its 1.7 ounces, so almost two ounces of product. It's only $35.99 and retinol is really expensive and it has all good stuff in it.

It has hyaluronic acid, which is a humectants and it actually takes moisture and brings it into your skin, which is great. It has butter, it has jojoba oil, it has vitamin E. Juts a ton of great stuff in here and of course, retinol. Retinol is really, really good for anti-aging, trying to get rid of dark spots or sun spots and just tobring brightness back to your skin.

It also is good for acne and that's one of the reasons why everybody picked this up. Its good as a preventative measure for some fine lines and wrinkles, but for me personally, I got it for acne and so far I have been using this for about two weeks and it’s definitely cleared up my skin. It's also only $35.99 and all other retinol creams are super.

It’s more like a moisturizer than just the retinol. So you don't have to worry about peeling or flakiness and I can vouch for that. You can use other retinol creams and your skin starts, literally peeling off and you have to be careful with them. But this is great and you can use it at night.  Don’t use it during the day because it's not good to wear this and be out in the sun or anything. So definitely use it at night.

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