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Abraham Lincoln | Biography, Childhood, Quotes, Death | Abraham Lincoln - Facts, Birthday & Assassination - HISTORY

Sixth President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Kentucky. His father was a landlord, and his family was very poor, living in a small, one-room log cabin.

While Lincoln was still young, his family moved to Indiana and then to Illinois. He went to school for only a year, but he loved books and learning, and taught himself as much as he could.

When he was 22, Abraham Lincoln went home to work at a general store. There he got his title, "Be honest. One time a customer accidentally left at ten, and that night when the store closed, Abraham Lincoln walked for miles to retrieve the money.


In 1832 Lincoln went to the polls to become a member of the Illinois State Legislature, but he was defeated. After that he worked as a captain in the Army, and then he started working as a lawyer, and got married. In 1846 he was elected to the US House of Representatives.


In 1860, he ran for president of the country. It was a challenging time in America. The North and South agreed on many things, and it was getting worse. One thing they disagreed with was slavery. The northern states no longer want slavery. The southern states wanted to keep their slaves.


Abraham Lincoln did not like slavery. He was elected president because he had the support of the northern states. He had almost no help from the southern states.

As soon as he became president, the southern states began to separate from the union. That means they decided they didn't want to be part of America anymore. President Lincoln vowed to keep the country together and a war broke out in 1861.


It was a civil war, a terrible, bloody war that lasted for four years. On January 1, 1863, Abraham Lincoln signed the Declaration of Integrity, an order that freed all slaves in the southern states. A few years later, he helped pass the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which made slavery illegal everywhere in the United States.


The Civil War finally ended on April 9, 1865. President Lincoln wanted to bring the country back together, and help rebuild the South. Unfortunately, he didn't survive to see it.


Less than a week after the Civil War ended, Lincoln and his wife were watching a play at the Ford Theater in Washington, DC when Abraham Lincoln was shot in the head by a man named John Wilkes Booth. Died 1865; He was the first US president to be assassinated.


Abraham Lincoln once said, "I want to say to those who knew me well that I always planted a canoe and a flower, where I thought the flower would grow." This is the largest in American history. The president is considered. Defending his leadership and human freedom during the Civil War makes him an American hero. His face is on twenty-five and twenty-five bills, he was added to Mount Rushmore, and there is a memorial for him in Washington, DC.

Photo by Keenan Constance from Pexels

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