The 12 Best Noise-Canceling Headphones of 2023 on Amazon in United States (Best Earbuds)

The Best Noise-Canceling Headphones  

By blocking outside noise and enabling you to concentrate on your favourite tracks, the best noise-cancelling headphones take music listening to the next level. ANC (active noise cancelling) headphones are a must-have for music fans, cyclists, intrepid adventurers, and office employees alike, whether they choose to use them at home or on the go.

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Reduced noise around you is the difference between experiencing and enjoying a ride for frequent travellers or commuters on public transportation. Noise-cancelling headphones will help you hear your music better and relax a little more.

Bargain Basement - Not least Best

Taotronics ActiveNoise Cancelling Headphones

I'm not here to tell you that these Taotronics noise-canceling headphones would win you any beauty pageants. Or that they'll last indefinitely; finally, the plastic headband will be crunched. However, they happen to be very tasty! They're also $54. They're not bad, either, with a claimed 35-hour battery life and a surprisingly comfortable fit (thanks to lightweight plastic). Sure, they're a little bassy, but to find anything better, you'd have to pay almost twice as much.

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A Close Second

Sony WH-1000XM4

For many years in a row, Sony's WH-1000X series has created some of the best noise-canceling headphones, and the WH-1000XM4 is no exception. The latest model retains the previous model's elegant, businesslike looks and 30-hour battery life, but it now features improved noise cancellation and audio upscaling, all of which lead to a cleaner overall sound signature. In Zoom meetings, the high-quality microphones don't make you sound like you're underwater, which is a necessary improvement in the post-Covid-19 setting.

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Best for the Office

Bose Noise Canceling700

The ever-popular BoseQC35 II is still a great noise-canceling solution, but the Noise Canceling 700, Bose's newest flagship headphones, takes the top spot for business users. They have improved noise suppression than the QC35 II, which quiets clacky keyboards and chatty roommates better than ever, as well as marginally better sound quality and battery life.


The real reason to purchase the 700s, however, is for the call efficiency. They restrict the sound of the world around you on phone calls using sophisticated signal processing and four microphones. Even if you're in your rowdy living room, the person you're calling would assume you're in a library.

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Best Earbuds

Bose Quiet-ComfortEarbuds

Bose has filled its tiny Quiet-Comfort earbuds with some of the finest noise-canceling technology available, much like its over-ears. They're actually very comfortable, considering their bulky appearance, thanks to built-in ear fins and soft ear tips. They also have outstanding mouth-facing microphones, which makes them suitable for Zoom and phone calls.


They have a six-hour battery life and can be quickly charged via USB-C, allowing you to listen for two hours after just 15 minutes of charging. They're also IPX4-rated, so you can wear them in the rain or during light workouts (though workout buds are recommended if you exercise frequently).

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Best for iOS

Apple AirPods Pro

I despise the original AirPods' mediocre sound and uncomfortably tight fit, but Apple's AirPods Pro are a world apart. They have comfortable ear tips that enhance the fit and thus the tone. They have a more attractive overall look and some of the best noise cancellation you'll find in earbuds. The extra hundred dollars you'll pay over the regular non-Pro model is well worth it.

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Also Great Earbuds

Samsung Galaxy BudsPro

Samsung's flagship earbuds easily compete with Apple's AirPods Pro in terms of pairing speed and noise reduction, but they absolutely smash Apple's earpieces in terms of sound quality. Each bud in the Buds Pro has a dual-driver system that delivers smoother, deeper bass and clearer peaks. These are the buds for you if you want to shut out the outside world while still having the best sound quality. And don't worry, you don't need a Samsung phone to participate.

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Cleanest Lines

Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Carbon Edition

The PX7 Carbon offers a little more musical clarity and elegance for a modest premium over Sony's versions. They have similar noise reduction and a light head feel, but the PX7 are a little more upscale, making them a decent choice for those who want great results but don't mind paying a little more to stand out.

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Most Rugged

Jabra Elite 85h

I'm not easy to listen to through headphones! While walking my dog in the rain in Oregon, I snap headbands, snag cables, erode ear pads, and wear headsets. That's why the Jabra Elite 85H appeals to me. They have a water-resistant coating, replaceable ear pads ($20), and a sturdy, understated style that can withstand wear and tear.


Their active noise-canceling abilities aren't the best, but only in the loudest situations can you hear. You'll rarely need to charge them because they have a 36-hour battery life with ANC switched on.

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Best for Workouts

Jabra Elite 85T

All winter, I've been wearing my Jabra Elite 85ts on cold runs, and they've never let me down. Thousands of ears were laser-scanned by the engineers behind these ultra-comfy buds during the design process, enabling them to create a pair that practically hides in your ears.


I really like that they don't have touch controls, instead opting for push-buttons, which are simpler to use with sweaty fingers.

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Best Value

Sennheiser Adapt 660

Want great sound, a safe fit, and high-quality noise cancellation for a fraction of the price of a Sony or Bose phone? Take a look at this partnership between EPOS and Sennheiser. The Adapt 600 headphones sound amazing and are among the lightest noise-canceling headphones I've ever worn. They also have outstanding microphones for excellent call and Zoom silence. They're easily some of the highest-performing wireless cans you'll find for the money, and I strongly advise value shoppers to check them out.

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The Absolute Best

Apple AirPods Max

Apple's noise-canceling over-ears are the perfect option if you have an iPhone and are prepared to spend $550. The greatest wireless headphones you'll ever hear, but incredible fidelity isn't the only reason to purchase Cupertino's flagship headphones. Excellent pairing and interaction with Apple products, noise reduction that rivals that of Bose, and these are a perfect pair for most people, with some of the highest build quality you'll find this side of $1,000.


Is there something about the AirPods Max that you don't like? When the headphones aren't on your ears, the optional soft case does nothing to cover them.

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Audiophile Pick

Master & Dynamic MW65

Normally, noise-canceling headphones aren't this attractive. Master & Dynamic in New York understands this, which is why these are $100 more expensive than Sony and Bose versions with identical specifications. But if you're going to spend that much money, why not get something with better materials and sound?


Higher-frequency instruments are painted with a finer brush on the leather-swaddled MW65, enabling you to hear tiny details—like the shaky edges of your favourite singer's voice—that would otherwise be lost in a fog of everyday noises. All you have to do now is pay for the privilege.

Noise-canceling headphones and earbuds are audio devices designed to reduce or eliminate unwanted ambient sounds. They use advanced technology to actively counteract external noise, allowing you to enjoy your audio content without disturbance. Here's some information about noise-canceling headphones and earbuds:

How do noise-canceling headphones and earbuds work?

Noise-canceling headphones and earbuds work by employing two main techniques: passive noise isolation and active noise cancellation.

Passive noise isolation: This technique relies on the physical design of the headphones or earbuds to block out external noise. It involves creating a seal or barrier between your ears and the environment, effectively reducing sound transmission.

Active noise cancellation (ANC): ANC technology actively counters external noise by generating sound waves that are out of phase with the incoming noise. These counteractive sound waves cancel out or reduce the impact of ambient sounds, resulting in a quieter listening experience.

Benefits of noise-canceling headphones and earbuds:

Improved audio experience: By reducing background noise, noise-canceling devices enhance your ability to focus on the audio content, whether it's music, podcasts, or calls.

Noise reduction in various environments: Noise-canceling technology is particularly beneficial in environments with constant or distracting sounds, such as airplanes, trains, offices, or crowded spaces.

Protecting hearing health: With noise-canceling headphones, you can listen to audio at lower volumes because you don't have to compete with external noise. This can potentially reduce the risk of long-term hearing damage.

Increased privacy: Noise-canceling headphones can prevent others from overhearing your audio content, especially in public settings.

Types of noise-canceling devices:

Over-ear headphones: These headphones fully enclose your ears and provide passive noise isolation along with active noise cancellation. They typically offer the most immersive sound experience and are suitable for extended use.

On-ear headphones: These headphones rest on your ears rather than fully enclosing them. They provide some level of passive noise isolation and active noise cancellation, but may not offer as much noise reduction as over-ear models.

In-ear earbuds: These earbuds fit directly into your ear canals and provide passive noise isolation. Some in-ear models also incorporate active noise cancellation technology to enhance noise reduction.

True wireless earbuds: These are completely wireless earbuds that come in a small form factor. Some true wireless earbuds also feature active noise cancellation, allowing you to enjoy a wire-free and noise-free audio experience.

Considerations when choosing noise-canceling devices:

Sound quality: Look for devices that offer high-quality audio performance, with a good balance of bass, midrange, and treble.

Battery life: Check the battery life specifications to ensure it meets your needs, especially if you plan to use the headphones or earbuds for long durations.

Comfort and fit: Consider the design and ergonomics of the headphones or earbuds to ensure a comfortable fit, as you may be wearing them for extended periods.

Portability: If you plan to use the headphones or earbuds on the go, consider their size, weight, and how easily they can be folded or stored.

Connectivity options: Check if the device supports the desired connectivity options, such as Bluetooth, wired connections, or compatibility with specific devices.

Remember to read reviews and compare different models to find the noise-canceling headphones or earbuds that best suit your preferences and budget.

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