Biography of Dr. Swati Mohan (NASA Scientist), Dr. Swati Mohan Biography in English

Why is it being debated?

"Touchdown Confirmed" (successfully) in the control room of the US Space Agency Descended) the voice echoed. Rover 'Perseverance' of the Mars Mission 2020 by NASA on Mars millions of kilometres away from Earth as soon as it landed on Mars, "Touchdown Confirmed" (successfully) in the control room of the US Space Agency Descended) the voice echoed.

In reality, Swati Mohan, an Indian-American scientist, is in charge of the whole project, and she is constantly in the news. Swati Mohan is also famous on social media, with many people referring to her as Bindi, after which she is referred to as Swati Mohan 'Bindi.'

Who is Dr. Swati Mohan?

Swati Mohan is an Indian-American aerospace engineer who works for NASA. Swati has made a significant contribution to the successful landing of the Mars 2020 rover under his command.

Birth and Education 

Swati was born in Bangalore, but her family relocated to India when she was one year old. He grew up in the Northern Virginia-Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Swati wanted to be a paediatrician as a teenager, but when she was 16, she switched to physics and chose to study engineering in order to pursue a career in space travel.

Swati studied mechanical and aerospace engineering at Cornell University before going on to Massachusetts Institute of Technology for her master's degree and PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Swati has worked on many active and significant NASA missions, including the Cassini (a mission to Saturn) and GRAIL (a pair of spacecraft orbiting the moon) programmes.

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