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Top five recommended iPhone / smart phone / mobile / cell phone / phone on Amazon in United States - amazon best selling iPhone / smart phone / mobile / cell phone / phone 2021 in USA

Why I recommend these iPhone / smart phone on Amazon

I always love my new iPhone! . The battery health of all iPhone is at 100% so it’s practically a brand new battery. All iPhone a very awesome looking phone but here I recommend some absolutely amazing iPhone and is very responsive in all and especially with the face recognition feature. That works amazingly even in very low light settings, or if you have sunglasses and a hat on. I was shocked at how accurate that was. The battery lasts 48 hours easily and I’ve hardly had any issues with apps crashing or anything like that.

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The iPhone itself was flawless and came with a protective film over on it. There’s no scratches or signs of wear or anything to be found on the phone which I thought was great especially since it is an Amazon renewed item!

This iPhone is something I would really suggest to someone looking to update their devices. The one I got is GSM and CDMA network free, meaning you can use it with any mobile phone service as long as you have a SIM card, which it does not come with. It does come with a SIM card reader, as well as a regular adapter and a short tube, which I keep as backups.

Here is Top five  recommended iPhone / smart phone on Amazon

1. Apple iPhone XR, 64GB, Coral - Fully Unlocked (Renewed Premium)

2. Apple iPhone XS, 64GB, Space Gray - Fully Unlocked (Renewed Premium)

3. Apple iPhone 8, 64GB, Red - Fully Unlocked (Renewed Premium)

4. Apple iPhone 8 Plus, 256GB, Space Gray - Fully Unlocked (Renewed Premium)

5. Apple iPhone XS Max, 256GB, Space Gray - Fully Unlocked (Renewed Premium)

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