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Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day? - mother day 2021 - Best Mother's Day gifts - 10 best Mother's Day gifts from Amazon 2021

Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day? 

Mother's Day has been observed as a holiday by the ancient Greeks and Romans, as well as the Christian people, but the Mother's Day that we have come to know and enjoy has a distinct meaning.

There's another explanation behind that, because it's a tragic one rather than a positive one.

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You must first learn about Ann Reeves Jarvis.

Before the Civil War in the United States, in the year 1900. She founded organizations such as the 'Mothers' Day Work Clubs,' which assisted local women in caring for their children.

Later, these clubs merged and participated in a variety of peacekeeping activities.

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However, the first Mother's Day did not occur until after Ann's death in 1905, when her daughter Anna Jarvis agreed to commemorate the sacrifices mothers make for their children. She held a massive celebration on the day in May 1908, with thousands of people attending. Around 1912, everybody was enjoying what we now call Mother's Day.

There was a tragic story behind it as well?

People began to celebrate Mother's Day with a lot of fanfare as the years progressed, but they forget that the holiday was about recognizing and honoring the countless sacrifices mothers made for their families, not just about presents and treats!

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And it's only recently turned into a weekend... Yes, however Anna Reeves Jarvis spent the remainder of her life encouraging people to abandon the festival's performance and pomp. She did not marry and devoted herself entirely to the cause in honor of all the wonderful mothers all over the world.

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