Limited Time Offer : These are Three 3 new Amazon products you need under 20 bucks in United States

 These are 3 new Amazon products you need under 20 bucks.

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I found smart plugs for under eight bucks, things to help you with your closet organization and some top contraptions for your kitchen , all under 25 bucks.

Product number 1

Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Foldable Plastic Cutting Board 15 x 8.75 Non-Slip Feet 4-inch Handle Dishwasher Safe, Small, Dove Gray

Now let's begin with the first product which I did not ever think I would use nor did I even know it existed, it's a foldable cutting board. I will show this to you in action in a moment. But the idea is a traditional cutting board as we all know you cut up your veggies, whatever it is you're putting into a pan of pot  soup, and you're chopped up ingredients fly everywhere. A foldable cutting board allows you to chop, fold and pour. I love the design. I love the price. And it's one of those products where you didn't know it existed. But now that it's in your life, you've no idea how you functioned before nor do you want to live without it.

About this item

  • The original folding chopping board
  • Innovative folding design for easy food transfer
  • Textured, knife-friendly cutting surface
  • Soft-grip handle and non-slip feet
  • Cutting area: 26.3 x 20.8 cm (10⅜ x 8½ inches)

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Product number 2

2 Pack - Simple Houseware Closet Socks Organizer, 24 Cell Drawer Divider, Grey

Product number two, for $11.87 cents you can up your closet organization or even use this potentially in a kitchen, a pantry. But it is a two pack of organizers that accommodate up to 24 socks are more importantly 24 different dividers. Although this is designed for socks, you could use this for hair elastics, accessories, jewelry. I could use this in my studio to accommodate the various wires, plugs and adapters. And this is made with a nonwoven fabric which is mold proof very good to know. It's completely collapsible. And it's a great way to maximize your space and stretch your dollar.

About this item

  • Good for organizing your socks, underwear, ties and etc...
  • Made with non-woven fabric which is mold-proof
  • Easy to access your small items and keep your drawer nice and neat.
  • The containers are collapsible that save your space. Lightweight solution for easy carrying.
  • Dimension:12" X 12" X 4-1/4"H

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Product number 3

Mini Smart Plug Gosund Wifi Outlet Works with Alexa Google Assistant, No Hub Required, ETL and FCC Listed Only 2.4GHz Wifi Enabled Remote Control Wifi Smart Socket

Before I show you a couple of gadgets that could maximize space in your bathroom or kitchen. I have one of the best smart home product deals that I have found in a while. And let's begin with this $8.99 cent mini smart plug. I know you might be aware there are different smart plugs on the market from  Amazon. But at $8.99 cents plus an additional 15% off at the time.

So why would you want this? How would you use this? It allows you to control your lights monitor, your energy intake, really whatever you plug into this outlet is all of a sudden something that smart. We can use it to make coffee or tea in the morning and get that kettle going as we do. But for all of the floor lamps and other lighting fixtures in my home where I don't want to start looking for a foot pedal that somewhere on a wire behind a couch. I just simply use my smart phone or I ask the Amazon Alexa voice service to turn on the living room. But if that smart plug is a little bit basic for you.

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