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15 Top Most Repeated Question of GK - Most Repeated Pakistan Studies MCQs For FPSC, PPSC, BPSC, SPSC NTS, IBA Tests

15 Top Most Repeated MCQs For FPSC, PPSC, BPSC, SPSC NTS, IBA Tests

1. Constitution of 1962 introduced one of the following in the country 

Answer : Indirect Democracy

2. In which sector the largest labor force is attached 

Answer : Agriculture

3. Karakoram is a Turkesh word, point out its meaning? 

Answer : Crumbling Rock

4. East Pakistan separated from west Pakistan in ?

Answer :  December 1971

5. Indus water Treaty disallowed Pakistan to use water of which river? 

Answer : Sutlaj

6. When AllamaIqbal was given the tittle of Sir? 1922

Answer : 

7. When Quaid  Azam resigned from the imperial Council? 

Answer : 1919

8. When the Central Muhammadon Association was founded?

Answer :  1877

9. Who introduced English in Sub-Continent? 

Answer : Lord Bentick

10. Stockhoim is the capital of? 

Answer : Sweden

11. which prime minster had the shortest tenure? 

Answer : General M. Ayub Khan

12. Volga River is in? 

Answer : Russia

13. Beirut is Capital of ?

Answer : Lebonan

14. In what way Security Council choose the non-permanent members? 

Answer : By alphabetical order

15. Non-permanent members of the security council serve for? 

Answer : 2 years

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